aggregate civil engineering materials Sale

aggregate civil engineering materials Sale

Responding to the “want” of construction sites

We have a variety of soil, sand, crushed stone, etc., which are necessities for construction sites.
We also have various materials that are not listed in the list.
The price is the pick-up price.
We also deliver in 3t and 10t dumps. Please feel free to contact us if you wish, as the delivery fee will change depending on the distance.

Concrete pulverized to 0mm-40mm and mixed with crushed stone to adjust the particle size. It contains powdered concrete, stone, so it can be compacted.
Please contact us for pricing and delivery

Pod soil (random soil) Used for reservoir and embankment construction.
Sheath soil with excellent waterproofness and workability
Click here for more information on SayadoPlease contact us for pricing and delivery

Blade metal soil (core soil) is used for reservoir and embankment construction.Hakindo with excellent waterproofness and workabilityClick here for more information on blade gold soil
Please contact us for pricing and delivery

Masago soil It is used as a protective material for water and sewage pipes and for plastering work.
・We collect high-quality natural sand from our own mountains and manufacture and sell masago soil.
Size 5mm~
As usage
・Ground soil and curing for lawns such as golf courses
・Ground maintenance and repair
・Land leveling of parks, etc., improving the aesthetic appearance of gardens
• Used as a protective material for water and sewage pipes and for plastering work.
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C-40 Mainly used for subbase course material and gravel for parking lots.
This product contains crushed stone with a size of 0mm to 40mm. Since it contains powdered crushed stone, it can be compacted. It is mainly used for subbase work of main roads. C-40 is used instead of C-30 because the total length of the subbase course is longer for main roads than for sidewalks.Please contact us for pricing and delivery

It is used for the construction of improved land and residential land, embankment soil for agricultural land, and backfill material for plumbing work.
Manufactured in a soil improvement plant developed by our company. Improved soil is excellent in handling (processing and handling), and increases construction efficiency. Applying for Shiga Prefecture Recycle Certified ProductPlease contact us for pricing and delivery

Used for hydraulic upper roadbed materials.
●It is a roadbed material that exhibits hydraulic properties over a long period of time, and is an environmentally friendly road material with a low life cycle cost. (Published in “Pavement Design and Construction Guidelines” and “Pavement Construction Handbook”)
●It uses iron and steel slag, which is a by-product of iron manufacturing, and is designated as a specific procurement item under the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.Features
●It is possible to open to traffic in a short period of time after construction because of good meshing of particles and excellent compaction performance.
Since it is not easily affected by the water content ratio, it can be applied even in areas with a slightly higher water content than the optimum water content ratio.
●The equivalence conversion factor is 0.55, so the roadbed can be constructed thinly and has excellent durability.Please contact us for pricing and delivery

lime sand
・We offer S to M crushed sand that is ideal for ready-mixed concrete.
・Alkaline aggregate reactivity harmless
It is safe because there is no risk of alkali-silica reaction that greatly hinders the durability of concrete.
・Low drying shrinkage
Compared to other minerals, the amount of shrinkage of concrete structures is very small due to the large elastic modulus.
・High compressive strength
Although it is said to be less strong than hard sandstone, it has the same strength as hard sandstone, and it also has the advantage of less variation depending on the mining position (within the face).
・Variation of kneading amount is small
For example, if all aggregates are made of limestone, the density will be the same over the entire range of grain sizes, so there will be very little variation in the amount of kneading, making volume management easier.
・Improve recyclability
Concrete structures that use limestone for all aggregates have a very high possibility that the framework itself can be reused as limestone resources in the future.
Click here for more information on lime sandPlease contact us for pricing and delivery

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